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Unveiled Max Offices designed by Ultraconfidentiel

Aggiornamento: 2 giu 2020

Andrea Andreotti was a part of the team that designed the space located inside the LEED Platinum rated Max Towers. The project idealizes the Brand's value and taste for simple yet practical design, insured for posterity.

"Space is the body language of an organization"

A very meaningful design that maximizes the usage and circulation of the space, which consecutively enables an experience‐driven work environment.

andrea andreotti architetto architect designer

"Design ethos, the kind of culture we wanted to create as well as continue in our new work space"

By using linear design elements, we have created a sense of perspective throughout the space which produces a better connection between different departments. The planning ties the work zone to the meeting rooms using long corridors that also provide a canvas for the client's art collection, acting like a private art gallery.

Client: Max Group India

Design Firm: Ultraconfidentiel

Location: Noida ( India )

Year: 2019

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