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Andrea Andreotti at ELIS to discuss about the #newwaysofworking

Spaces that nurture experience and a sense of community: #ELIS inaugurates the #SmartAlliance Agora.

Once a place of commercial exchanges and public debates for the citizens of the Greek polis, in ELIS the Agora has been transformed into a "square" where pioneers can meet, discuss and work together.

"One of the pillars of the Smart Alliance is to conceive work from performance to good of relationship", says Valeria Bonilauri, Head of Innovation Development and ELIS Consortium Projects, "the spaces of the Relational Gyms have been designed with the intention of giving people environments of community and relationship building that foster inter-company and intergenerational exchange ".

A confirmation of the work done so far by the project and of the importance of this "new way of working" that is emerging, capable of enhancing people in their entirety, in their physical and mental well-being, in productivity and creativity.

"It is important to develop activity based environments, like this one, where everyone can work feeling free to express themselves" said Andrea Andreotti, Head of Workplace strategy JLL. "Environments that increase people's comfort and well-being".

Smart Alliance is the #ELIS semester project led by Walter Ruffinoni, CEO of NTT DATA Italia, who imagines a new working dimension. A new paradigm, a third way that is halfway between #smartworking and office work and which is based on relationships as a source of personal and professional enrichment. The pioneers, the nearly 300 professionals from the 33 member companies of the #ConsorzioELIS, participate together in experiences and training activities focused on productivity, sustainability, creativity and social impact.

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