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An experience "nestled" in the brand.

Ultraconfidentiel designed and executed an exclusive experience for the Nestlé Center dedicated for the new product development, manufacturing and client experiential tasting where Nestle is also offering assistance to Culinary, Confectionary, Nutrition and Dairy products for all the South Asia region.

“Space to reflect a story”

Henri Nestlé was one of the first Swiss manufacturers to build up a brand with the help of a logo.

The original Nestlé trademark was based on his family's coat of arms, which featured a single bird sitting on a nest. This was a reference to the family name, which means ‘nest’ in German.

Henri Nestlé adapted the coat of arms by adding three young birds being fed by a mother, to create a visual link between his name and his company’s infant cereal products. He began using the image as a trademark in 1868.

Today, the familiar bird’s nest logo continues to be used on Nestlé products worldwide, in a modified form.

“Ultraconfidentiel as a storyteller”

The spatial concept of Ultraconfidentiel project starts exactly from the roots and identity of the company. The nest as a symbol, as a community catalyst.

In fact the whole space is wrapped by a wooden abstract nest with different integrated functions. The nest wooden elements are coming from the ceiling till the floor, designing light fixtures, benches, community tables, storages and hidden spaces giving to the space an incredible sense of consistency.

As the R&D Experience Center, the youthful colors and fresh design reflects the creativity and innovation of the whole Nestlé team and the woven vinyl seamless flooring creates a welcoming experience for all the visitors from the reception to the multipurpose open space.

Furnitures / Finishes: Muuto / BoConcept / Arper

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